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Iowa is a leading U.S. state in wind power generation and electricity, with 5,177 MW of capacity (ahead of all states except Texas and California). Iowa produces 27.4% of all the electricity generated in the state from wind turbines.

Spain has a robust and diverse renewable energy portfolio that has drastically reduced its reliance on fossil fuels. Spain imports more than 80% of its gas and coal for domestic consumption from overseas, making energy security a national priority.

Wind power has a long history in Texas. In 1970, West Texas State University began wind energy research which led to the formation of the Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) in 1977. AEI has been a major information resource about wind energy for Texas.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, as of year-end 2013, Colorado ranked tenth for wind power capacity with 2,332 megawatts (MW) installed. In 2006, Colorado only had 291 MW of capacity, despite a strong wind resource.

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